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Label from multiple fields if there is space, change label size between fields - maplex

December 02 2010 | 0 comments
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Can we set up an alternate label that displays less data to automatically be displayed if the default label is too large for a polygon? I would like to display more information on a label as long as it fits in the polygon, and in cases where the polygon is small, I would like the label to contain less information.

1) Large label
Parcel ID Bold 12
Name size 8 font
Acres size 8 font
Legal size 6 font

2) Medium label (used if the large label does not fit in the polygon)
Parcel ID Bold 10
Name size 8 font
Acres size 8 font

3) Small polygon (used if the medium label does not fit in the polygon)
Parcel ID 7 pt font


Mapping Center Answer:

If you have Maplex then you can use an "abbreviation dictionary". (Alternatively, you can ALSO truncate words). Strange that you ask this now since I am in the process of writing a blog entry on this very subject!  In the meantime, check out the online help for this topic:

And please note that to help you and others, I have posted five abbreviation dictionaries here on Mapping Center for you to download -- they are on our ArcGIS Resources - Loadable Files page.

Note that you use a different abbreviation dictionary with each label class and the abbreviation dictionaries I have posted here on Mapping Center contain ALL abbreviations from the sources I drew from, so you will need to create separate dictionaries for each label class.  Look for a blog entry on this in the very near future!

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