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December 04 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology


I want to plot a map with cartographic standards. Where should I find the standard symbol reference?

Mapping Center Answer:

This question is very open ended and therefore difficult to answer.  I am guessing that you might be new to mapping and that you are trying to determine how to symbolize the various features that you want to show on your map. There are many factors that should be considered about symbolization, and indeed other aspects of mapping, such as map projection, map scale, generalization, classification, map elements (title, scale bar, north arrow, etc...) and more. 

To get started, you can read the online help for ArcMap.

You can also download "The One Minute Cartographer" presentation from our Other Resources - Presentations page -- this contains instructions (in the bottom notes of the PowerPoint) that you can work through to learn how to make a map in ArcMap (the map can also be downloaded so you can work with it).  It also introduces many of the cartographic concepts that relate to using the right symbology, as well as the right labels, map projection, map elements, and more.

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