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Labeling 2 questions

December 08 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling

1. Can you arrange settings for the placement of labels based on the attributes of a different feature class? For example if you have coastal cities (all around an island) and you want them to be placed away from the landmass.

2. Is it possible to create a "pattern" for how your want labels to be displayed, for example a curve for point data and have the labels placed dynamically using the the curve as a template?

Mapping Center Answer:

The answer to your first question is to use label weight rankings. However, note that this is not something that takes account of the attributes of a feature class.  If you want the labels for the coastal cities to respect the location of the landmass polygons, you need to have the landmass polygons in a separate layer in the table of contents. For example, you might use a Definition Query to show only the landmas polys (and not others that are in the feature class). Then you can set the label weight priority so that the

The answer to your second question is No, you cannot do that at this time. However, you can adjust the baseline of curved text after the labels are converted to annotation.  And you can also adjust the baseline of splined text when you are using the graphic drawing tools.

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