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Cannot scale the size of Anno for different map scales

December 20 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Problem Simply Stated – Cannot scale the size of Anno for different map scales. Need to change font for display to aerials. Would like to have anno features shrink when scale goes from 1:1200 to 1:600.

Parcel Annotation was recently converted from ArcGIS 8 or Coverage Anno to ArcSDE Anno feature class. Text was placed and sized to be optimized at a scale of 1:1200.
Currently we have anno features with mostly one SymbolID, however the anno has many different attributes for most fields like FontSize, VerticalAlignment, HorizontalAlignment, XOffset, YOffset and more.
Parcel Annotation is updated every day.
What we have tried:
Separating anno features with a definition query on FontSize, creating a layer for every FontSize that is then substituted with a smaller font size.
Problem: creating a different layer for each font size slowed caching. Font size is not the only attribute that is different ie Bottom Left Alignment would substitute Top Right alignment, moving anno.

Copying anno to 4 different annotations changing SymbolID or reference scale on each.
Problem: Copying data is not a practical solution.

I have seen something in the ArcGIS Help Library that may work, but I cant tell if it will.
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Mapping Center Answer:

For the story as stated, your annotation will not do what you want.  However, there may be some ways for you to proceed.  

To understand how this works some context is necessary. First know that annotation feature classes have a reference scale, which is the scale at which the annotation features will be displayed at the size referenced by their text symbols.  This concept has its origins in the days when maps were printed and the expected practice was to set the reference scale of the annotation to be the scale the map would be printed at.  

When you add annotation to ArcMap, it automatically uses this internal reference scale, and there's no way to get around that.  Text substitution is a long and tedious way to try to do what you want--but don't waste your time.  The easier way is to use ArcCatalog and right-clock on your annotation and choose Export, then to Geodatabase Single, and create a copy of your annotation.  Then edit the properties of your copied annotation (still in ArcCatalog), and show the Annotation tab.  In the reference scale section, click the change button and enter the new reference scale (1:600 in your case).  That will produce what your document showed you wanted.  

That said, placement of text, depending on its justification settings may get abused.  There's no fix for that (outside of editing the copied annotation, which is a potentially undesirable workflow). 



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