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Text problem when exporting to Adobe Illustrator or PDF

December 29 2010 | 3 comments
Categories: Labeling, Publishing

Good day

I am creating transit maps from base maps created with the City GIS System. When I receive either the PDF or AI file, the text is split into individual letters. It takes me a considerable amount of time to recreate the text on the map. Do you have a suggestion as to prevent the text from splitting and that the word (i.e., streetname) can be edited/selected as a whole instead of letters? (see attached)

Thanks a lot

Mapping Center Answer:

The AI format exported from ArcMap should maintain text strings. Please contact ESRI Technical Support Services find out what is happening in your individual case as there could be a variety of contributing factors. You can contact Tech Support from the tab here on the Ask a Cartographer page.

i am a delicate flower posted by Navin Sushil on Jul 26 2011 12:19AM
Did you get anywhere with this?

We have had simliar experiences, and can't use AI format becuase the ESRI exporter doesn't support unicode properly (the work around shown here is terrible - )

No update posted by daniel Duclos on Jul 26 2011 6:21AM

There is no definite solution. It might be cause by the operator. I sometimes get a file that is ususable and sometimes not. I really cannot rely on the file I get. Still a mystery to me. Sorry
ArcGIS Ideas page posted by Aileen Buckley on Jul 28 2011 10:00AM
I'd like to suggest that you post your idea for this software enhancement on ArcGIS Ideas so that the issue is given attention. Or of someone else has already posted this issue vote to support it to elevate its position in the queue. Here is a link to the page:

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