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How can I change the legend patch to be different than the layer symbology?

December 29 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Map Elements, Symbology

I have a map with mile markers. These are represented on the map by a label placed on top of the point (i.e. text box with "RM 14", "RM 15"). The legend is showing the point symbology. I would like my legend to show the same symbology as the label with the text "RM". Is there a way to do this without converting the legend to graphics?

Mapping Center Answer:

You could create a marker symbol that looks like one of the mile markers. Use it to symbolize one of the river mile markers that is outsize your map area (use a definition query to draw only the one feature that is outside) and then add this layer to the legend but don't add the point features to the legend.  Because you added the map layer to the legend it will show up in your legend, but because the one feature that is being displayed with the symbol is outside your map area, the feature will not display on your map.

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