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keeping Maplex activated by default

December 29 2010 | 3 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Maplex

How does one go about keeping Maplex open by default (so that the extenstion is active when ArcMap is first started)? I would like to open an old project that has Maplex rules embedded in it, without losing the Maplex settings.

Mapping Center Answer:

Your ArcMap user interface, including which extensions are enabled, can be saved in a configuration file. By default, they are saved in the Normal.mxt. But you can also save them with each map document. To use the second option, click on Customize on the top bar menu and on the Options tab check the option to Save all customizations to the current document. This will save all the customizations from Normal.mxt to the current document, and all further customizations will also be written only to the document. When opening a document that has this option set, only the customizations in the map document itself are applied; the customizations stored in the Normal.mxt are ignored. Unchecking the Save all customizations to the current document option deletes all the customizations currently stored in the document, and the document will again reference the Normal.mxt. To learn more, read the help topic called Fundamentals of saving your customizations.

Maplex is the exception posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 6 2011 11:38AM
Apperently I was wrong about Maplex being enabled when you open a new map document. Most of your other settings (or all) will be enabled, but at this point, Maplex will not. I would like to suggest that you submit this enhancement on the ArcIdeas page (there is a tab to this here on the Ask a Cartographer page of Mapping Center.) If this enhancement has already been requested (I would be surprised if it has not) then you can vote to support it. The enhancement requests with more votes for them are pushed higher in the priority list for our developers.
keeping Maplex activated by default posted by Robert White on Jan 6 2011 11:47AM
Thank you for looking into this issue, I'll do what you suggest and make a request that this be considered for a future release of ArcGIS.
best regards
Wish I had better news! posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 6 2011 12:06PM
Maybe your enhancement request will result in the behavior you are hoping for!

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