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Looking for a special kind of compass rose

January 05 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Page Layout

The North Arrow Selector in the layout view drop down menu includes many compass roses but I am looking for one that is a circle with the cardinal directions on the outside of the circle and nothing within the circle. The goal is to be able to see critical information within the circle of the compass rose. The compass rose symbol will be rather large; boundaries of a city will be within the rose symbol.

Any suggestions for a source?

Mapping Center Answer:

You can create a custom compass rose that is like the one you described. Simply use Style Manager to create a new north arrow, click the Symbol button, click Edit Symbol and then you are in the Symbol Property Editor dialog.  Here you can add as many additional layers to your symbol as you want.  For example, you would add four new layers, one for the text for each of the cardinal directions (use the font of your choice for this character marker symbol and then use the x or y offsets to position the text where you want.) Once the symbol has been created as a north arrow, you can select it to represent your compass rose and it will orient the same way that a north arrow should.

Note that you state that the compass rose will be fairly large -- the characters in the character marker symbol will scale the same way text would if you enlarged it. If you need more control over the appearance of the symbol, you might do better to use the options for drawing graphics. If you want the compass rose to stay in the same location relative to the boundaries of the city, focus the data frame before you draw the graphics.

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