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summarizing cell values from kernel density output

January 05 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

I do some research on schools and students distribution. I created two kernel density rasters using Kernel Density tool. After this I subtracted one raster from the other to find out that I am looking on over or undersupply of school services. I would like now to summarize cell values for specific area units (polygon feature class). I tried to export raster to point feature class, and spatially join with polygon feature class with hope of summarizing it during dissolving, but it does not work. I am working on a really small subset of my data, but the spatial join did not work due to memory issues. Is there any way to join my raster directly to polygon feature class and summarize cell values within each of the polygons? Thank you a lot for any suggestions!

Mapping Center Answer:

You can use the Zonal Statistics or Zonal Statistics as Table tools to summarize the cell values within each polygon in the polygon feature class.  Here is an online help topic that explains how Zonal Statistics works.

thank you! posted by Joanna Laroussi on Jan 7 2011 6:59AM
Thank you for your answer.
Happy to help! posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 7 2011 9:25AM
That's what we are here for! :-)

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