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Geographic Transformation

January 05 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

Dear sir/madam

I am trying to transform the shape file from Everest 1830 GCS to WGS 1984 and WGS 1984 to Everest 1830 GCS. Please help me how to Create Custom Geographic Transformation.

Mapping Center Answer:

We have answered a similar question in the past -- here is the link to that response:

You will see that you do not need to use a custom projection. You can simply select the projection you need from the projection list for Projected - Spheroid-based projections. You will use this when you project the data from one coordinate system to the other. Both of the transformations (from WGS84 to Everest 1830 and from Everest 1830 to WGS 84) use the same projection file. 

You will need to determine which of the various Everest projections to use - to do that look at the appropriate areas of use that are listed for the projections in this PDF:

This is also available in ArcGIS Desktop install directory, Documentation folder. It is called geographic_coordinate_systems.pdf.

So many "Projections" posted by Sarvesh Dhakal on Mar 22 2012 8:11AM
I have a similar question. I did not understand the answer. The question is on the following link.
Other information posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 22 2012 10:12AM
Other related information may be found here:

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