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How to batch add symbol markers to a style

February 15 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Symbology

I would like to batch add symbol markers to a style and view different symbols based on a field name on a map. I have located this article

and found it somewhat helpful to create a batch style file. Although there is limited documentation on the field values and what type of image should be placed in the reference folder. Can you please help me find more documentation on how to add these markers?

Mapping Center Answer:

Long ago I wrote that (someone else cleaned it up and posted it on EDN). As published, it was intended to serve as a library of examples for how to create different kinds of symbols in ArcObjects (VB).

Its original purpose was to build the style files we shipped with ArcGIS. The makeStyle.frm loads the database and calls the functions that build the style.

The images in the reference folder should be either .BMP or .EMF files (as explained in the last paragraph of the comments in the StyleBldr.frm file. See the C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Styles\Pictures folder for examples (these are the files we used).

The logic in the MakeMarkers() subroutine calls the eBMPMarkerSymbol() function when the database indicates that a multi-layer MarkerSymbol is of the type that is based on a .BMP file. The only other function that is called is the eColor() function to set the transparency color.

The sample is ancient, and probably will require a bit of updating as our coding practices generally require that you qualify your objects with the proper library.

Also, if you look at the tables in the sample.mdb in Microsoft Access, but in design view, you'll see the remarks we made about how to use those fields.

Still can't get it! posted by Jordan Preston on Feb 24 2008 4:01PM
Thanks for the response!! I did not realize the documentation on the field labels, and secondly the comments in the StyleBldr.frm
Although I must honestly say that I tried 40 different builds with the information provided, and have received a plethora of errors. Do you have any sample files that you know work with a bitmap image to create a marker? Or maybe I am missing a step in the process of the build?

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