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Customize Legend Arrangement

January 06 2011 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Elements

I was wondering how to customize the legend arrangement? I have a rather long layer title (4 lines of text), but would still like to have the symbology labels appear to the right of the symbols. We normally either have to turn the legend into a graphic to modify it, or "fake it" in other ways. I was just curious if there was a way to take advantage of the live-linked features of the default legend tool.

Mapping Center Answer:

You can still have the text appear to the right of the symbols, but you would need to insert the layer name separately since there is no way to add line breaks to the text. To make the legend NOT display the layer name, right click the legend to open the legend properties. On the Items tab, right-click on the legend item in the right-hand pane and select Properties from the context menu. In the legend item properties, General tab, uncheck "Show layer name". The legend will now display no layer name. Then insert the text for the legend title as a text string formatted with the line breaks as you want them to appear.

To make sure you have the right elements selected to display in the legend, right click the legend once you have inserted it, Click Properties, click the Style button and select the option that suits your needs. You would likely want to use the Layer name and the label.

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