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How can I move "all other values" to the bottom of a dynamic legend

January 06 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

ArcGIS 9.3 SP1

When using "Unique values" to symbolize data based on categories from an attribute field, the "all other values" always goes to the top. I can sort the order of all the other values using the up and down arrows on the Symbology tab, but for some unknown reason ArcMap won't let you move "all other values" down.

Since I generally use this to capture all 'other' values apart from those of interest, I'd like to move to the bottom of the list so that it appears at the bottom of my dynamic legend. Can this be done or do I need to change my legend to graphics and move that element manually?

Mapping Center Answer:

Add the layer to the legend twice as a legend item when you first insert the legend. Once it has been inserted, right click the legend to see the properties. Right click the first legend item to open its properties and on the General tab, next to "Only show classes from this heading", select the option that corresponds to the class name. This will make the first legend item only show the classes that are included in that class name/heading, thus preventing the first legend item from showing "all other values". Next, open the properties for the second legend item, and on the General tab, next to "Only show classes from this heading", select "all other values". This will make the second legend item only show "all other values". To make the second legend item NOT display the layer name, on the General tab, uncheck "Show layer name".

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