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Single band image from Image Analyst Shaded Relief tool

January 11 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data, Symbology

Followup on question posted on 1/6/11 as to the differencce between hillshade and Image Analyst shaded relief.

Image Analysis generates a 3 band gray scale shaded relief image when the white to black color ramp is defined.

As far as I can see you cannot convert this to a single band image. Export from either Image Analyst window or right clicking on layer in TOC, results in a 3 band grayscale image.

Attached PDF is screen shot showing 3 band IA generated shaded relief layer in the TOC, gray scale shaded relief layer in main ArcMap window, and Export Raster Data window.

From your answer on 1/6/11 "For a hillshade, you would typically change that to grayscale colorramp. Once that's done, you will get a single band result."

Can you explain how you get a single band image from the Image Analyst shaded relief tool result?



Mapping Center Answer:

As mentioned in our earlier response, you need to make sure to select the grayscale color ramp before producing the hillshade from the Image Analyst window. When you do this, you will generate a single band output, NOT a 3 band image. Here is the online help topic for this.

I have tested this before answering your question and I am getting a single band image, so I am not sure why you are getting three bands. Try it again and if you still have an issue, please contact Esri Technical Support.

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