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Leader Line Default

January 12 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling

Is there a way to adjust Leader Line defaults so that I do not have to adjust each individual one for an annotation example?

Mapping Center Answer:

Since we don't know what the context of your use of leader lines is, we'll give you the answers for all the locations where you can edit them.

1) For graphics drawn with the Drawing toolbar, the callout comes from the document's default symbols. You can change these (Draw Toolbar > Drawing > Default Symbol Properties…)

2) For annotation in the geodatabase, there are two approaches:

  • Approach A, you set up symbols in the symbol collection of the annotation that have the leader line symbol defined as desired. This is then used for all edits.
  • Approach B, you set up a symbol in the collection that does not have a leader line symbol defined. Additions of leaders should then be achieved via the Add Leader command off the Edit Annotation tool. The Add Leader command uses the leader line setup in the Editor options Annotation tab.

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