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Overlapping Mineral Lease

January 12 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have a similar but different question from the poster here:

I have several layers that represent different mineral lease types. For example, one layer contains information about bitumen rights, another contains minerals or petroleum, natural gas, coal, etc. I need to be able to display the land leases with each of the substances showing. This needs to be displayed 'like' a pie chart, that fills the entire polygon. So, if the lease area is a square and only bitumen and coal leases are held on that lease, the lease would have half-bitumen and half-coal symbology. If there are three lease types present, it would be displayed in thirds. Four: quarters... etc.

Mapping Center Answer:

If you accept that the answer in the other question sufficiently addresses the issue of getting the TYPES of leases to be displayed properly, then I think the only thing you are asking about is how to add to this is how to get the SIZE of the symbols to fit in the various areas.  If that is correct, then there is really no way to do that right now with the method I already described without going through so many hoops that I hardly think it's worth it. 

However, you could try something slightly different -- use the Pie Chart renderer and set the option to vary the size using the area field. Then if you can live without having the same restrictions as the previous questioner, you can make the pie charts using fields in your featrue class that indicate if the lease type is present or not.  Using those fields to render the pies will allow the pie charts to show if a lease type is present or not and using the area to show the size will address your other requirement.

Symbology tab

ArcMap view

To add the fields for presence/absence of a type, in my test I added Boolean fields for each type and calculated the value as 1 if it was present and 0 if it was not.  Then you can use the Boolean fields in the pie chart renderer.

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