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Index Contours

January 18 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have a dataset of contours at 0.5m intervals and I'd like to show an index contour every 5m. Is there a query I can use for this based on the data I have?


Mapping Center Answer:

We have a calculate statement for this on our ArcGIS Resources - Loadable Files page -- it is called IndexYN.

Elevation Line (Contour) Indexing tool posted by Arthur Crawford on Jan 19 2011 6:20AM
There is also a tool I wrote for Community Basemaps that does this for multiple indexes. The 10 version is at this site:

The 9.3.1 version is also at the Community Basemap Resource page under Galleries - Community Basemap Template and Tool Gallery.
Videos for indexing posted by Arthur Crawford on Jan 19 2011 6:22AM
There are also videos to support this tool at:

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