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Symbolosing Air Flow Data from Point Data

January 18 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

How do I map air(wind) flow along a path determined by wind station point data, based on a wind direction field? I thought I saw a script to connect arrows into a larger arrow to accomplish this, but don't remember where.

Mapping Center Answer:

I have never seen a script like this, but you might check on the Geoprocessing Resource Center Web site. For this type of map, we generally symbolize the points as wind vectors (arrows), varying the symbology to show wind direction (angle of the arrow) and magnitude (size of the arrow).

If you have an example of the specific type of map you are trying to create, you may want to send us some of your data and an image of that map so we can see if it can be done.  It would also help to know if the map was created using what was originally point data.

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