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Right of way or road pavement

January 19 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

When creating a general city map what would you suggest to use for street, our right of way layer is a poly line feature class and the road pavement is a polygon feature class.

Mapping Center Answer:

The answer -- it depends.  For smaller map scales, it might be better to use a road centerline feature class -- you would have to generate this from one of your existing feature classes (there is a tool called Collapse Dual Lines to Centerline).  For larger scales, it might be better to use the road pavement polygon feature class. It is likely that you would not use the edge of pavement feature class because you probably either want to symbolize the polygon area or a single road centerline, not the edges of the road.

A great resource to learn about these symbolization techniques is through some of our map templates -- in particular:


Download the template to see how the sybmology (and labeling and more) were applied at various scales to create great basemaps for urban and other areas. The style files and supporting documentation are also included.

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