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How do I edit a map document title and retain dynamic text?

January 24 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

A title can be added to a map via Inset > Title and filling in the dialog box with the map title. Once completed, how do I edit the title and retain the dynamic text. Double clicking the title text brings up , but I cannot seem to access the original title text to modify it. I can delete the dynamic text tags and reenter text then the title block works just like it did in 9.3, but has, of course, lost the dynamic text tags. Is the original title text accessible or do I need to create new title text and the dynamic text tags? If you simply delete the existing title and use Insert > Title again, you get a regular text block without the dynamic text tags.



Mapping Center Answer:

You need to use the dynamic text instead of the title text.  Here is the online help topic for this subject: Working with dynamic text.

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