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emphasizing specific features with effects

February 19 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects

I'm creating maps to support reports dealing with sub-watersheds of a larger watershed area. I'd like to make the sub-watershed of interest stand out, literally if possible, from the others. Is there a way to add a shadow, or a 3-D effect, to a feature in a theme, similar to how one might displace one slice of a pie chart to call more attention to specific data. I'm working in ArcGIS 9.0

Mapping Center Answer:

There are two methods for achieving this effect. The first and most direct is to use the 3D Analyst extension with ArcScene to apply an extrusion factor to your selected feature. The second, non-3D Analyst solution is to manipulate standard layer symbology by first creating a Definition Query to isolate the feature of interest (i.e., an individual watershed polygon). The workflow with this method presents a couple of options.
1) You could apply cartographic representations to set the original symbology and then manipulate two representation fill symbol layers (one with the base color and one with the 'shadow' symbol) and offsets to create a 3D effect. As you're using 9.0, this option is unavailable to you.
2) You could use standard (i.e. non-cartographic reps) symbology and convert the selected feature to graphics. You would then use the new graphic as an offset graphic feature - the original feature would draw beneath and act as the 'shadow' (see attachment).
3) You could select the feature of interest and export is as a new feature class, and then offset the feature in a new layer for cartographic effect.

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