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"Chrysophase" is a misspelling

February 01 2011 | 3 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10

On the default ArcMap color palette, one of the green colors is called "Chrysophase" in its tooltip. The intended reference is surely to the green mineral "chrysoprase." Here and there you can find the alternate spelling "chrysophrase" but I haven't seen "chrysophase" anywhere. This tooltip should probably be changed! Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

Right you are!  We have notified the appropriate folks of this error.

Don't forget Fushia/Fuchsia! posted by Eadie Kaltenbacher on Feb 14 2011 3:18PM
This has always bothered me for the color called Fushia Pink (far right, second from the top). The correct spelling is Fuchsia.
and "citroen" yellow? posted by Tim Ormsby on Feb 14 2011 3:38PM
and, for that matter, what about "citroen yellow" (row 4 column 5 on the default palette)? A "citron" is a yellowish citrus fruit, but a "citroen" (with umlauts over the "e") is a French car. You can probably buy a yellow Citroen, but they come in other colors, too.
Corrections to ArcMap Color Palette posted by Jaynya Richards on Feb 14 2011 4:07PM
Chrysoprase and Fuchsia indeed need correction - thanks for noting this and contacting us about it. The requests are being forwarded to the Development team.

"Citroen" is not an error. Citroen without the umlauts is correct in Dutch, French, and German. The original default palette was not entirely derived from the singularly English speaking world. It was from items that were contributed to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum's collections in flora, fauna and minerals. The car connection is purely coincidence.

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