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Label Selected Parcels

February 04 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling

Is there a way to label only the selected parcels of a feature class?

Mapping Center Answer:

Yes -- on the Labels tab of the Layer Properties dialog (or using Label Manager) use a SQL Query to define which features you want to label. Although this help topic relates to multiple labels classes, it also works is you have only one (i.e., all the features in the layer you are labeling). Follow the instructions to set up a SQL Query to label only select features although all of them will be drawn. 

Labeling a spatial selection posted by Daryl Miller on Feb 7 2011 4:36AM
OK, I have the SQL Query window open, but what would the syntax be to

OBJECTID is “Selected”

Since this is not an attribute query, there are no commonalities by which to query. Is there an exposed attribute? This is more of a spatial selection, but it would be nice to be able to label ONLY the selected parcels. Currently I am exporting the selected records , symbolizing and labeling the new feature class, but to do this multiple times creates a stack of feature classes essentially used only for labeling.
Maybe this could be added to the Table Options similar to the Show All Records/Show Selected Records buttons on the Open Attribute Table.

Thank you.
Add an attribute posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 7 2011 2:27PM
You can do this easily if you add an attribute (something like a Boolean LabelYN in which 1=Yes and 0=N), then the SQL Query would be LabelYN = 1. Only those features with the attribute value 1 for LabelYN will be labeled.

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