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Apartment Landmark Symbology

February 04 2011 | 3 comments
Categories: Symbology

Is there a landmark symbology for apartment complexes in the Community Basemap program? The closest match I see right now is retail/commercial. If not, can you suggest one?

Mapping Center Answer:

Currently, there is no landmark symbology for apartment complexes in the Community Basemap program. 

One suggestion might be to use a residential land use color (typically yellow).  Depending on the density of the apartment complex you can transition from a yellow color (for low density) to an orange-brown (for high density).  If the apartment complex is mixed use (both residential and commercial) you can differentiate it further by using a cross hatch pattern or something similar.

One thing to note is that in the Topographic Community Basemap, we use yellow to symbolize religious centers (including cemeteries), and brown to represent government facilities.  Therefore, your choices for symbolizing residential areas, such as apartment complexes, should be distinct enough to distinguish these features from one another.

For example, one option for an apartment complex landmark color is RGB 245,216,122.  It has yellow in it but with a combination of orange.  This way, the apartment complexes will not get confused with religious facilities or government facilities.




Apartment Buildings? posted by Michael Parma on Feb 15 2011 5:45AM
Is there a color suggested for the apartment buildings, too?
Color for apartment buildings posted by Mamata Akella on Feb 16 2011 9:15AM
One idea for an apartment building color is RGB 219,192,103.
One other thing about the building color... posted by Mamata Akella on Feb 16 2011 9:27AM
The building color mentioned above is a brownish orange with the same landuse color idea in mind. The key is that the colors used for the landmark and building color do not conflict with the other features on the map.

Also, you may notice in the Topographic Map Template that the building colors are slightly darker than the landmark colors so there is visual distinction between the two features. We want the two features to relate to each other through color, but also want to adjust the color enough so that they both can be seen.

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