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Exclude layers from data frame clip. But what about excluded layer's labels?

February 04 2011 | 3 comments
Categories: Labeling, Page Layout

It appears that the labels of excluded layers aren't allowed to draw. Is there a way around this? Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

If you want the labels of excluded layers to draw, you need to add another copy of the feature class that has the labels to the Table of Conents, then set the symbology so that any markers, lines, or fills are drawn with No Color, and then you would NOT exclude that layer when you set the clipping properties of the data frame.

Data Driven clip exclusion = draw the features posted by Marianne Farretta on Feb 10 2011 1:05PM
I think I didn't give you enough info; I am using data driven pages. My dataframe is clipped to the extent of the current data driven page. I have one feature class which is excluded from that clip, so its geometry is shown beyond the extent of the current data driven page polygon. I want this layer to be labeled, but they won't draw. I have a pic if it would be helpful.
It's a bug posted by Marianne Farretta on Feb 15 2011 2:31PM
Hello! The solution is: it's a bug, which has now been reported #NIM065009. It was related to the features in question being part of a group layer. Thank you!
Thanks! posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 15 2011 2:32PM
Thanks for noting and reporting this!

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