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changing text characteristics of graticule labels

February 06 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Map Elements


We use graticule and graticule labels on our maps. We place the labels inside the composition, along its perimeter. Oftentimes the graticule label falls in an area with other map line work and is thus difficult to read. We've tried to put a mask around the graticule label, but that doesn't seem to work. We've tried to put a text box around the graticule labels but that doesn't seem to work, either. Are we doing something wrong or is there a bug in the ArcGIS 10.0 (and earlier) software in terms of handling graticule labels? We can change graticule label point size; that works. We can change graticule label color; that works. It's graticule label masking and graticule label text boxing that are problematic.


Mapping Center Answer:

Assuming that you are using graticules and labels that are properties of the data frame (accessed through the data frame properties dialog in the Grids and Graticules tab), then it helps to know that grid and graticule text does not recognize layers in the map document the way that annotation does, so there is no way to resolve graphic conflicts between the graticule text and the labels for the layers. The data frame graticule (or grid) and its text only exist in the layout view, so you can't convert it to annotation so that you can assign label weights and rankings as with anno.

There are two things you can do: convert the graticule and its text to graphics, ungroup the result, and make any manual edits you want. Or better yet make a graticule layer using the new Make Grids and Graticule Layer tool in the Cartography Toolbox in ArcToolbox. One of the layers created with this tool is annotation which you can then apply label weights to.

Note that the text properties for halos are not currently available – so it is not a bug. If you would like to request this as a software enhancement request, please feel free to visit the ArcGIS Ideas page to see if the idea had already been submitted. If it has, you can vote on that idea and those ideas with more votes will receive higher priority. If the idea is not here yet, submit it and get you friends to vote for it!

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