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Dynamic Lat/Long text for "Center of Data Frame" in Data Driven Pages

February 10 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10, Publishing

I'm trying to create dynamic text for my mapbook (data driven pages) and I want each page to have the Lat/Long for the center of the map. I copied the text from the Help docs, but I'm not sure which values I need to change for my needs. I currently have:

Map Center = ,

I changed the dataFrame name to my "Layers" dataframe, but I'm not sure which other values need to be changed to my specific map properties.

It currently reads "Map Center = 0°0'0.00", 0°0'0.00""

Mapping Center Answer:

There is a dynamic text tag specifically for what you are trying to do here. All you have to do is add a piece of text to the layout and paste in this string for the text element:

dynamic text tag

That will find the center of the data frame rather than the coordinate system, which is what you are currently trying to do.

Here is an example that shows you how to format the coordinates of the value that is returned:

dynamic text tag

For more information on dynamic text tags, look at the following help topic: Working with dynamic text

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