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bar graph labels

February 11 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

We are labeling each polygon in a layer with a bar graph showing area covered by an invasive plant within that polygon over the past several years. We have written a script which displays the values for each of these bars to the side of the graph. However, what we would really like to do is display values above each bar and include a legend showing which color of bar correspond to which year. While it is easy to create the bar graphs in another program and paste them into a pdf for the creation of maps, we want this to remain in the GIS interface. Is there a script which may be used to display values above the bars corresponding to those values? Attached is a file showing how we have features labeled now and how we would like to have them labeled.

Mapping Center Answer:

Sorry - there is currently no way to do this in ArcMap unless you add the text yourself.  You can get the 3D effect for the graphics and you can get the colors; you can also get the legend.  But you would have to add the text as a graphic element using the Drawing toolbar.

You can submit your idea as a software enhancement on the ArcGIS Ideas page -- or see if it is already there and then vote to support it so that it receives hgiher priority.

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