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loss of Batch Define Projection script in ArcGIS10

February 13 2011 | 6 comments
Categories: Map Data

ArcGIS 9.3.X had a script in ArcToolbox under Samples to batch define projections. Find there is a batch project script in ArcGIS10, but files must have a projection before the script can be run. One of the clearinghouses I use on a regular basis has files that are projected,but for some reason ArcGIS does not recognize the projection files and every data set needs to have the projection defined. The script was a great way to process a large number of files at once, rather than individually as I am doing now.

Search for Batch define projection brings up this link: 2005-10-17: 11k

but the link takes you to a "page not found".

Is there a replacement for the batch define projection script?



Mapping Center Answer:

I think this might be what you are looking for -- updated for ArcGIS 10:  Batch Define Coordinate System (Samples).


Direct link to batch define projection script. posted by Dave Tewksbury on Feb 13 2011 3:27PM
The link above goes to a help menu entry about the script and suggests checking the Geoprocessing Model and Script Tool Gallery, which is certainly worth doing. If you are looking to add the Batch Define tool from 9.3.x days this link takes you directly to it in the Geoprocessing Gallery.
Thanks! posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 13 2011 3:32PM
Thanks for the tip on the direct link! I like to route people through the help so they know what online resources will help them as well.
Thanks for posting the direct link to the tool. posted by Ian Magruder on May 28 2012 5:49PM
There is no search in the Geoprocessing Model and Script Tool Gallery. That's not really helpful.
Sorry posted by Aileen Buckley on Jun 5 2012 3:12PM
Sorry that there is no search -- can you leave as comment for them on their web site as we do not have any input into what happens on that site?
Batch define coordinate system in ArcGIS 10.1 posted by Dave Tewksbury on Oct 18 2012 9:58AM
The script appears to work in 10.1 as well. Follow the link in my posting above and download toolbox. Unzip downloaded file, save where you can find on hard drive, start ArcMap/Catalog, in ArcToolbox add a toolbox and browse to Samples Toolbox. It is nested a few folders down in the unzipped folder. In the Samples toolbox there are two sub-toolboxes, conversion and data management. In the data management sub-toolbox under Projections is a script to batch define coordinate system.

Have tested it on a couple of projects today and appears to be working as it did with 10.0

Why they removed this function in the move from 9.xx to 10 is beyond me.


additional bit on batch processing posted by Dave Tewksbury on Oct 18 2012 11:19AM
In response to my post on a local list serve about batch processing it was pointed out to me that any tool can batch process by right clicking on the tool and selecting batch. This opens the Batch Grid Control and there is good documentation on how to use this in the help menu associated with ArcGIS 10.1. You can access this help directly from the Batch Grid Control window by clicking the "?" icon. Not quite as simple an interface as the batch script, but the fact that any tool can batch process files is a really nice thing to know.



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