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Dynamic Pie Chart in using DDP

February 15 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods


I am creating a digital atlas in 10.0 (ArcInfo) using Data Driven Pages. My data consists of aerial imagery and a vegetation classification. On many pages the vegetation is found in many small patches which makes it difficult to visually assess the total area of one vegetation type relative to the total area of another.

To make the data easier to visualize, I would like to include a graph or pie chart showing the relative areas of the vegetation types on each page. Because each page shows a different area of vegetation, the chart needs to be dynamic.

Is there a way to create a dynamic graph/pie chart? If not, I am open to suggestions of another way to show this information, perhaps using production mapping or arcpy.mapping?


Mapping Center Answer:

Yes--though I would approach this by thinking of the pie graph as an "overview map".  The way it would work is to have another data frame that contains (potentially) another set of data, where you have a point feature for each page in your atlas that needs a pie chart and the attributes of each feature are the values that need to be graphed.  Then set your data driven pages pan to/show each point feature as the page is changed.  The symbology for these points will display a pie chart symbols.

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