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Labeling Highway Sheilds side by side

February 17 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

I have a road segment on my map that has two route numbers assigned to the segment. I would like to have road shields with the labels side by side. Through Symbol>Advanced Text>Text Background>Character Marker Symbol. I was able to create the shields side by side. The next step I need is add the actual labels onto the shields. I have attempted to do so in two different ways. Neither are working quite the way I want them to.

1) Add spacing to the middle of the label.

This approach did not work because I can only add one space character. Adding additional characters to my label did not separate the road numbers enough. The highway numbers were located too close to the edge of the shields. -Is there a way to force more non breaking characters?

2) Add the highway numbers as character marker symbol. I was able to manually place the route number as a character maker background on the label -one for each number needed. This solution almost works except when using Symbol>Advanced Text>Text Background>Character Marker Symbol, there is no option to use bold characters, which all my other highway shields are in bold.

How can I either add extra spacing to the label, or bold characters in text background> character marker symbol?

P.S. Having the ability to bold characters in text background> character marker symbol would be a nice feature enhancement.

Mapping Center Answer:

There is not a fully automated way to produce what you've described.  The fastest way to get what you want is to create annotation for the highway shields, and then you will need to edit the annotation features so they convey the correct message, like this segment of high way has a dual designation.

There is a new help topic in ArcGIS 10 called:  About Creating and Editing Annotation that should help you complete this task.

Solution Found posted by Mark Volz on Mar 15 2011 1:32PM
I was able to create the proper labels by adjusting the word spacing on the label.
Seems obvious! posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 15 2011 1:34PM
This is an obvious solution if you think about it -- if the two labels are being placed as words in a string. Glad you found such an easy solution!

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