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Data Driven Pages to pdf

February 23 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10

I have a large MapBook (Data Driven Pages) with a large number of individual pages. I exported to pdf, selecting the individual pages and or Page intervals, for example, pp122-130. When the export was finished, the pdf's were properly paged to correspond with our mapbook pages. The problem that has occured is that some of the pages are missing the overview locator map; other pages have the view. Is this an adobe issue or ESRI,or both?

Mapping Center Answer:

The issue you are having could be attributed to a number of things from an Adobe issue, to an Esri issue, to a data issue. For this problem, please contact Esri Technical Support as they are better suited to walk through your data with you and isolate the issue. There is a link to Tech Support right here on the Ask page of Mapping Center on the tab called Contact Esri Technical Support.

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