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half of labeling outside of data frame in layout

February 24 2011 | 3 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

I am in Layout View with my main Data Frame setup. In the Data Frame there is a layer street index grid with attributes. I have label the attributes of the street index grid and I am using the Maplex Label Engine. The problem that I am having is that the labels are around the edge of the Data Frame, but where only half of each labels are viewable. In my attached PDF file please view the large Data Frame at the edge where you will notice red color labels which is the street index grid attributes.

Mapping Center Answer:

On the Labeling toolbar, use the Labeling menu to choose Options.  This opens the Labeling Options window; show the Maplex tab, and uncheck the "Allow labels to overlap border" option in the Map Border section.  This is not checked by default.

halft of Labeling out side of Data Frame in Layout posted by Steve Baker on Mar 29 2011 7:11AM
When using Maplex Label Engine "Allow labels to overlap border" is unchecked which shows no labels at all, but when checked able to see half of the labels. After I select Standard Label engine, shows all the labels, but I am unable use the features of Maplex.
Are these labels (on the fly labeling)? posted by Charlie Frye on Mar 29 2011 2:13PM
Annotation will behave like your attachment shows as well. So will a cached base map. So, in a nutshell, is there anything, layer-wise, in your map that is labeling on the fly in this map? Also, is this map in ArcMap (No surrounds are visible, so I'm making no assumptions now)?
Checked on this posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 31 2011 3:51PM
I checked on this and this should only be happening if the you have one of the following options enabled:

1) The global option in Maplex to allow labels to overlap the border (Labeling toolbar > Labeling options > Maplex tab), as noted in the original response
2) The “Never remove (allow overlap)” option on label classes
3) An X,Y offset set on the text symbol (the label engine does not consider text symbol X,Y offsets when placing text)

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