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arabic fonts

February 26 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data, Symbology

I asked previously this Question:

I have autocad file which have many arabic text ... when add this file to arcMap
the text appear not arabic .... why? .. and what CAN I DO?.

and your answer:

You need to make sure that the fonts are also on the computer that is being used to open the ArcMap document. If they are, then you should not have this problem. If they are not, then you need to copy them into the font directory -- usually C:\Windows\Fonts.

I already tried to copy the autocad fonts (*.shx) to windows Fonts ...
but windows Does not accept this type of file?

I KNOW that ArcGis read fonts from windows Fonts

what CAN I DO? I want another Solution

Mapping Center Answer:

Sorry -- I jumped the gun a bit on my earlier response to you and should have done a bit more checking first. To start, note that "When you add CAD data to your map, ArcGIS attempts to reproduce the original appearance of the source file by rendering default symbology. Properties such as font names, color, and line thickness are read directly from the CAD file. Proprietary and vector-based fonts that do not have an ArcGIS equivalent are substituted with the Arial font."

What this means is that AutoCad fonts are not the same as TrueType or PostScript fonts and have a different extension (.shx) so you cannot simply copy them into the C:\Windows\fonts directory like you can for other "missing font" problems. Instead you need to find a True Type or Open Type font for the Arabic characters on your map. Based on the name of the file, we are guessing that you are using a Naskh script Arabic font. This is one of the more common scripts used for Arabic, so it should be easy to find a True Type or Open Type variety for sale online. The ultimate fallback for languages that do not have an equivalent that ArcGIS can use is typically to Arial Unicode MS which provides basic coverage of most of Unicode characters. Since we are not sure which script the Arabic glyphs are based on we cannot be sure that the Arial Unicode MS font will contain all of the characters you need.

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