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Editing Attribute Tables

March 02 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

I have a Roads shapefile, of which about 30-40% are named. I would like to add further road names into the table. If a particular road is made up of several segments and therefore entries in the table, is there a way of adding the road name to the relevant table cells simultaneously, or do you have to edit each row individually?

Mapping Center Answer:

First, add the shapefile to your Table of Contents in ArcMap then start an edit session. Now use the Edit Tool to select the road segments using the that you want to give same name to in the attribute table (you can select multiple features with the Edit tool by holding the Shift key down while you click on the various features). Then click the Attributes icon on the Editor toolbar. This will show the attributes of the selected features in a new window. Since you have only certain features selected, only the attributes for these will be displayed. Since you want to update the attriubutes for ALL the featurs selected, you need to click on the name of FEATURE CLASS (not each feature) and then you can click the field you want to uipdate in the window at the bottom and update the value -- this will update that value for all the features you selected.

You can also do this outside the Edit session but then you will not have any Undo/Redo options.

You can read the ArcGIS online help for further assistance.

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