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A more elegant method?

March 02 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

What I would like to do is end up with a total number of mines associated with individual buffers around each of 10 different sample sites. Running Select by Location using the sample buffer layer and the mines layer I can get the total number of mines associated with all the buffers. If I select an individual buffer ring and run Select by Location using only the selected ring result is the number of mines associated with that specific sample site buffer. Looking for a way to transfer the number of selected mines for an individual sample site buffer to that site's attributes other than manually entering it.

Please see attached PDF for more details.


Mapping Center Answer:

One way you could do this is to use the Intersect tool (or the Identity tool) the point feature class with the buffers feature class. This will add the buffer attributes to the mines, including the buffer ID and the biuffer distance.  Then use the Frequency tool to create a table that includes the total number of points within each buffer ring. If you have many features that were buffered and hence need to do this a number of times, you can use Model Builder and iterate the process.

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