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Centering Graphics on Guides

March 02 2011 | 1 comment
Categories: Page Layout

Hello! Is there a way to center graphics (text, for example) on two guides instead of margins? Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

There is no way to do this, but this is a great idea for an option, so I would like to suggest you submit this as an enhancement request on the ArcGIS Ideas page.  Note that you can set the position of text or other graphic explicitly, and in doing so you can also set the anchor point.  When you right click the text, click Properties, and click the Size and Position tab, you can set the x,y page location as well as the anchor point that will snap to that position.

Another idea posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 24 2011 9:03AM
A colleague here gave me another idea:

If you are trying to center a single graphic on a vertical guide as well as a horizontal guide, it would be easier just to set the anchor point of the graphic to middle center and edit the x and Y position in the graphic properties dialog, Size and Position tab.

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