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How to create "jumps" where two pipe cross over each other

February 25 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects

For the last few months I have been trying to investigate a way of representing a jump, this is where two water mains cross over each other. I have looked into using the "overpass" tool within cartographic representations however the symbology does not look right and seem to have troubles due to the overlapping mains being held within the one feature class. Is there any way I can represent these overlaps without having to create each jump manually within the feature class and therefore ruining spatial quality?

Mapping Center Answer:

You've asked an excellent question, and one which generated some interest amongst the product development teams for cartographic reps and ArcGIS Schematics - we might get this on the list of enhancements for future releases. ArcGIS Schematics can do this type of symbology already, but only outputs to a Visio-style diagram. The ArcGIS CAD functionality is dependent upon standard ArcMap symbology. Cartographic representations could work for this, but would depend entirely on how your data is structured and how you've defined your topology. Symbolizing these types of crossings would require that you have some kind of point feature associated with each line intersect to which you would apply the curved line symbol with the appropriate rotation. If your data already resides in a geometric network or network dataset then there are physical and logical nodes which you could re-purpose for symbology. Otherwise, this requires a manual workflow where you'd need to identify each line overlap/intersection and then apply the appropriate symbol.

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