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Importing line styles from CAD to GIS

March 08 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am trying to import a line style created in AutoCAD into ArcMap. I have exported the CAD line style in a .LIN format and the style manager is not recognizing it. Is there any way to import a .LIN file into the style manager? If not, how can a I convert a CAD line style to a format that style manager can recognize?

Mapping Center Answer:

It is a little confusing that the file extensions are the same for a CAD line style and for what used to be the case in Workstation ArcInfo, this being the .LIN extension. However, the two are are not the same, nor is the type of file that works with the Style Manager in the current desktop ArtcGIS.

You can either create brand new line styles within ArcGIS, or you can use the included in the software as a starting point. If you want to start with the Esri-CAD then customize the line symbols, you will need to create a new style and then copy all the ones you want to use from symbols into your new style. Then you will be able to edit them (this is new in 10 because you are no longer able to directly edit the styles we ship with the software -- it's a good protection mechanism!)

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