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How do I export a TIN surface as Easting Northing and Elevations

March 15 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

Hello, I need to use the interpolated surface from a TIN in another program to represent the surface of an aquifer. I need an excel spread sheet with easting northing and elevation data from the TIN at a reasonable resolution, more than 20 data points, less than 1000.
How do I do this?

Thanks for your Help.

Mapping Center Answer:

Using ArcGIS, you can write your 3-D points to space- or comma-delimited ASCII files containing X, Y, and Z values. These files can then be opened in Excel. You will want to use the geoprocessing tool Tin Node to create the points that will have the values and then Feature Class Z To ASCII to create the output file that you will open in Excel.

If you want to sample the TIN at a regular interval (using a gridded mesh), first use the Tin to Raster tool to convert the TIN to a raster grid (the cell cize you set will determine the density of the output points), then use the Raster To Point tool to covert the raster cells to point features, then use the Feature Class Z To ASCII tool to write the point locations and their values to the output file.

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