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Township-Range-Section Locator Map

March 21 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Elements, Page Layout

Is there any chance you know of a tutorial on putting a TRS Locator Map on to a Layout? I do the Addressing and House Numbering for my City and on our Atlas pages I would like to include a locator map showing just the Township-Range-Section for that area. So if Atlas page 190 was in T-19-N, R-12-E, Sec-24 I would like to have the locator map display that section only. I can't seem to figure out how to get the Locator map to zoom or clip to just that section? I've tried googling it, searching the ESRI site, and reading everything I can find on ESRI Locator Maps to no avail. I've got ArcMap - ArcView - 10.0 and I am clueless and desparate!

If you are not familiar with a tutorial, is there any chance you might know where I could go to post my question?

Mapping Center Answer:

One option you might want to try is to use Data Driven Pages to create your atlas. Data Driven pages allow one data frame to zoom to the extents of another data frame. So in your case, the locator data frame would zoom to the extents of the main data frame or the specific section being viewed. To do this, enable Data Driven Pages, then open the properties of the Locator data frame, click the Data Frame tab, and under extent choose the "Other Data Frame" option. Next under the "Derive extent from another data frame's extent" option choose the main data frame. Your locator map will now zoom to the appropriate section that is being viewed in the main data frame.

For further help on indicator maps see the ehlp topic on Creating a locator map for a map book.

Another good resource to use when creating an atlas is the Data Driven Pages – Legislative District Atlas on the ArcGIS Resource Centers.

Data frame extent derived from other data frame posted by David B on Mar 30 2011 6:23AM
Just to clarify - DDP is definitely worth looking into, but you can use the "Other Data Frame" extent option without DDP as well as with DDP. All you need for that option to be available in the data frame properties is to have more than 1 data frame in your mxd.
Data frame extent derived from other data frame posted by Wesley Jones on Mar 30 2011 10:24AM
That is a good point, the "Other Data Frame" extent option is available with or without engaging the DDP.

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