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Specific Intersect

March 22 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Dear Cartographer!

I'll have to intersect some polygon feature classes in ArcGIS 10, but the resulting polygons need to be simultaneously summarized by one common field/attribute. Please advice me, how can be this task correctly (& optionally iterally) resolved?

Thank you for all!

Mapping Center Answer:

You should use the Union Tool which will provide you with the intersection of features (and allows you to have more than two input polygon layers.  The Join Attributes setting should be "ALL".

There is no tool that will simultaneously summarize a common field, therefore in the result feature class you can add a new fields to contain your analyses.  For instance, you can add a field and calculate a summary from the fields that the Union tool produced--this can include conditional logic, which I think is what you intended by "optionally iterally"


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