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Multipatch Feature

March 23 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping

Recently I read an article by Craig McCabe about basic techniques for creating 3D building on ArcUser, It was fantastic help and very well explained.

I tried to go through your steps and do the exercise but I could not find the data, you have mentioned that the data can be found in but I could not source it and now I’m wondering if you can help me find this dataset.

I appreciate your time

Mapping Center Answer:

You've got the right location ( but the link to the .zip file is easy to miss on that page.  Below the screenshot of the multipatch overpass, click on the "Open" text to download the template data (4mb zip file).  (If you're having trouble with the link, the full URL is:  I've added some additional download instructions to that page to make it a little clearer.  Thanks for the comments!

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