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Saving color scheme

March 24 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Once you have chosen colors for a layer, how do you save that color scheme for other layers with the same values?

Mapping Center Answer:

You two choices of ways to go about the task.

Once choice is to use the Import symbology button.  Go to the Symbology tab where you will see a Import button. Click on the Import button and an Import Symbology dialogue box will pop up. It is there that you specify the Layer from which you would like to import symbology. You will need to browse to your specific layer and then click okay to apply.  This works best if you are just going to use the color scheme in the current map document.

The second choice, which will make the color scheme generally available is a little hidden.  If you right click on the color ramp while you are in the symbology tab (versus left-clicking which opens the choice list), you will get three options, one of them is to save the color ramp.


Follow these steps: (1) Click Customize , and the Click Customize Mode. (2) Click the Commands tab, then select the Tools Category. Then Browse to the Export Map Styles commande. Select it and drag in onto any toolbar in the application window. Click Close on the Customize window. (3) Now Click the Export Styles button. (4) Navigate to where you wan to save the new style. By default, the browser is set to the installed Styles folder. (5) Type a style name. (6) Click Save. 

You can reference the style you created and saved to use it anytime.


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