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Rotate map output

March 26 2011 | 2 comments

We need to create our maps in portrait. If you print an A1 portrait, this wastes a lot of paper for each map.

One option would be to export the map to a graphic and insert into a landscape map layout - would not waste approx. 40cm per map. We would lose quality in conversion, etc.

I read ArcPress is incorporated into all ArcGIS. Is it possible to rotate the map print out. So the Portrait map gets printed landscape, thus saving paper.

Mapping Center Answer:

Yes, there is an option with ArcPress (delivered with all versions of Desktop) that will allow you to save paper. From the Print dialog, select the ArcPress Printer as the Printer Engine and then select Properties….

print dialog

On the ArcPress Printer dialog, select the Save Paper checkbox. Click OK for all the dialogs.

ArcPress dialog

Also, note that most HP printers can rotate the page by 90 degrees when using the Windows Printer engine. Again, select the Properties… button to the right to access the advanced printer settings.

HP printers dialog

Rotate map output - HP designJet 5100 42 inch posted by Clive Swan on Apr 5 2011 11:25PM
Many thanks for the reply.

When we select the HP rotate by 90 degrees option, the map loses most of the lines around the legend, information boxes, etc.

For example the legend box had a yellow fill. The yellow fill is lost and the legend box is hollow??

Any suggestions??
This worked for us! posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 8 2011 10:45AM
We treid this again and it worked correctly for us on our HP Designjet T7100.

What you can try if you are still having problems:
1. Make sure your printer's driver is up to date. Check the HP website for the latest version.
2. Make sure your printer's firmware is up to date. Check the HP website for the latest version.
3. If the problem persists – contact HP for further support. The Printer Properties dialogs belong to HP.
4. Use ArcPress.

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