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where to find additional map symbols

March 26 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am currently a student taking an ArcGIS cartographic class. I am looking for a symbol of a walking cane that I can use on a proportional symbol map of people age 60+.

Mapping Center Answer:

The symbols in ArcGIS do not include a walking cane in the collection, but you can make a simple one by using the letter "J" from a text font. If you decide to make one, here are the steps to take:

Under the Style Manager, find your personal style at the top of the list of referenced styles for your map document. Expand the folder and expand the Marker Symbols folder. Click on the Marker Symbols folder and then on the right side of the Style Manager dialogue you will see the contents. It is in here that you can create a new marker symbol (you can also create new marker symbols in other styles but not in any of the Esri styles that are shipped with the software). To do this, in the right side, right click, click New, then click Marker Symbol. 

The Symbol Property Editor window will open. Under Properties > Type, select Character Marker Symbol. All the fonts that are on your system will appear in a drop down list in the Character Marker Tab under Font. Navigate to Calibri or what ever text font you like that is san serif (no flags on the ends). Select the letter  "J". Make it large enough in Size to be able to see it. I used 24. Then change the angle to 180 (effectively flipping the character upside down). Pick a color if you like and then click okay for the window. Name your new symbol "Walking Cane". Now it is ready for you to use as a symbol.

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