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Intersect Subsurface Points with Surface Raster

March 28 2011 | 4 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping

I have some elevation points along a polyline (subsurface) and a raster based on surface elevation points. If I have a given angle of slope from the subsurface points extending towards the surface raster, is there a way to determine where it will intersect with the surface raster? I have to do this for about 400 points, but the angle should remain constant. Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

This can be done via script on a TIN using ITinSurface3.QueryLocate. You need azimuth and dip angles along with each point to define rays which are intersected against the TIN.

Support has been added in 10.1 to do the same thing with rasters. Until then, you need to convert the raster to TIN using the geoprocessing tool RasterToTIN.

Also, in 10.1, we'll be adding the Intersect 3D Line with Surface geoprocessing tool which is a little different than what you asked for but may be useful in related applications.

TIN Intersect Script posted by Jamie Johnston-Stewart on Mar 31 2011 2:26PM
I don't know much about scripts... where do I find such a script and how to use it?
Online help posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 31 2011 4:02PM
While I can give you a link to the online help for this method, creating the script to run it is something that is at a higher level.

The best place for you to find help will probably either be Tech Support ( or the Geoprocessing Resource Center (
Online Help posted by Jamie Johnston-Stewart on Apr 1 2011 8:25AM
I probably should've mentioned I'm using 9.3.1.
Would the process still be the same?
Most likely yes posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 1 2011 9:39AM
Most likley the answer is yes since you would be working with ArcObjects, but I cannot say "yes" definititely since I have not worked with this type of script before.

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