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AAA road maps font standards

March 31 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Wonder if anyone knowes what the standatrd fonts types (type, size, etc..) AAA uses for roads, streams, places, etc, their road maps?

Mapping Center Answer:

The AAA has published a number of Design Guides which specify the specific use of their logo as well as some guidelines for their fonts. One of these is available as a PDF called Masterbrand Design Guides, althoug this document is more specific to the logo appearance.

In general, the fonts that the AAA uses include these families: Arial, Baskerville, Frutiger (Frutiger is used very significantly), Futura, Harrington, Helvetica, Myriad, Times New Roman PSMT, Univers, and Wingdings. We don't have the AAA specifications for all their specific uses.

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