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Creating Map Series using different layers for each map

April 07 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages, Map Data, Page Layout

Hi there

I'd like to know if (in ArcGIS 9.3.1 on XP Pro) it is possible to create a Map Series that uses a different set of data for each map.

For example, I ran some analyses that created the following:
- a polygon file of 'national' boundaries
- a point file of 'cluster locations'
- a poly file of areas within the cluster locations

My analysis was run 50 times, so I have files named:
zoneid1_area ,, .. zoneid50_area(national map)
zoneid1_gis ,, .. zoneid50_gis (poly file)
zoneid1_col ,, .. zoneid50_col (point file)

Is there a reasonably simple way to create a map for each version of ZONE_ID that includes a second data fram that zooms to the extent of the significant clusters?


Mapping Center Answer:

There is a developer's sample that may do this for you since you are still using ArcGIS 9.3.1, but if you can get yourself switched over to ArcGIS 10, this functionality is now in the core software. There is a whole set of new map series functions available thought Data Driven Pages. We have blogged about Data Driven Pages here on Mapping Center:

With Data Driven Pages, you can create a "thematic map book". Here is the description from the online help

"A thematic map book is similar to a reference series, except that the detail pages show unique thematic maps of a single location. It is also possible to build a hybrid thematic-reference series that includes a series of thematic maps for multiple map extents. As in the case of a reference map book, exporting a thematic map book requires a Python script that defines the maps to be included and executes the document assembly steps."

And yes, you can also have a second map that zooms to specific locations. With Data Driven Pages, you can relate information in two different data frames. I hope you can upgrade soon as this is really the best path for you!

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