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Point symbology on inset map

April 12 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Symbology

I would like a symbol to represent an area instead of an extent rectangle. How do I do that?

Mapping Center Answer:

If you simply want to display the mapped area on your inset map then add a polygon layer to the inset map data frame that includes the area that you want to show and symbolize it as you would like it to appear. 

From your question title, we wonder if you may instead want to show the area as a point on the inset map.  In this case, you would first create a point feature class of your polygon data using the Feature to Point tool and then symbolize the resulting point(s) using your preferred symbol.

Using label instead of Feature to point tool...... posted by Kyaw Naing Win on Apr 12 2011 11:11PM
I would like to make comment on the latter suggestion by Mapping Center.

I would like to propose using labeling as an alternative to creating new point layer as hard output from "Feature to Point tool". In manay cases these new layers created for cosmetic purpose beccome too many and find hard to manage files later in the drive.
If labeling is used, it is just stored in the mxd file and it will be ready when open mxd.

E.g for Star with Circel point symbol I would write the advance label expression as follow

Function FindLabel ()
FindLabel = "\"
End Function

from the label symbology box choose "ESRI Default" and chose desire color and size as well.

From character map it is easy to find respective characters for each point symbol of ESRI font sets.

Using query definition from the layer properties unwanted polygons can be hidden.(Actually this query can be integrated in the expression but for the simplicity, leave it at where it is now)


Kyaw Naing Win
Good point -- one additional alternative posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 12 2011 11:19PM
Good point, Kyaw Naing Win. It got me to thinking of another alternative -- use the Graduated Symbols renderer for the polygon feature class, and set the value field to any numeric field. Then set the template to the point symbol you want to use and the background to No Color for both the fill and the outline. As long as only one feature is being displayed, the point symbol will be applied to that one polygon. (You can use a definition query to assure that only one feature is being displayed.)

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